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Holiday's Home Work

Holiday Homework
Class – Nursery
Summer Holidays


Oral- read and Recognize A-Z. Learn.

Rhymes pgs-2, 3,4,5,6,8,11

Writer- Do pages 7 to 16, 23,

24, 31 to 46 of work book

(Part A)


Oral- learn f/c 1-30

Written- do pages 1-20 in counting book. And do pages-7,8,13,14,17,18,21,22,23,27,29,33,34,38,39,43,44,48,49,53 and 54 (write 5 times) of math’s workbook.


Oral – Learn Rhymes pgs.- 2,3,4,5,6,8,9.
written – Do pages 4-7 in
हिंदी कार्य पुस्तिका (व्यंजन)


Oral – learn Parts of body, Myself, Learn name of your School, your Principal, your class Teacher. Make use of words Sorry, thank you, Please, Excuse me, Welcome.

My Self

My name is………….
I read in class Nursery.

I am 4 years old.

I study in model school.

I live in Rohtak City.

Holidays Home Work
Class K. G


Do pages 6 to 40, 73 to 79 in book
Do practice of What comes after (1-200)
Do oral practice of F.C (1-200) daily.


Learn parts of body.

Learn 9 to 15

(Do Oral Practice only)

Do page 10 in E.V.S Book.

Learn Page-25


Do Dictation of sound of ‘a’, ‘e’

(7 Pages)

Learn Spelling of your Name
Do Pages- 10 to 14, 18, and 24


श्रुतलेख बिना मात्रा के 100 शब्द
Do Pages 11,14,20.
Read Page No.10, 13, 19 Daily.
शब्द of ‘आ’ की मात्रा


Learn to lace up your Shoes.

Fasten your belt.


Eng. Rhymes book – Do Pages -

Hindi Rhymes Book – Learn Pages 2,3,4,5.

Class – 1 (Holiday Homework)

Hindi- सभी मात्राओं के सुलेख लिखो (10 पेज) to Improve Writing Skill and to improve Reading Skill Read ch. 1to 5 + Prepare for F.A. – 2.

English- read ch. 1 to 3, Write (10 Pages) in Cursive Handwriting to improve Reading and Writing Skill + Prepare for J.A. -2

Eng- Read ch 1 to 3, write (10 pgs.) in cursive handwriting to improve reading & writing skill + Prepare for f.a-2.

Hindi+ Eng writing work should be done in separate N.B

Evs.- Read and revise (Ex)of ch-1 to 6 + Prepare for f. A-2

Math’s – Do pgs 7 to 46 in book and write F.C (601-1000)

Prepare for F.A-2 (in fair Nate book)

I.T- write 4 types of computer and Paste picture of them in N.B + write 6 uses of computer+ Prepare for F.A-2

G.K- Prepare for FA -2

Art- Draw & color Hut, Tree, any fruit on drawing sheet

F.A -11 (Syllabus)

Hindi – गुलमोर पाठ -3, 4, 5(अभ्यास+ पर्सेन-+ कठिन शब्द), सप्ताह के दिनों के नाम, मेरा परिचय+ व्याकरण (स्वर, वयंजन)

Eng- Ch-2, 3 (Difficult words+ done ex in book ) Days of the week, Number + Eng Gr.- 10,11,12

Maths- Number Name (1-30) what comes Before (1-100), F.C (601-1000)

W.C After/ between (101-200), Descending order (1-50), Tables of 3, 4

EVS- ch-4, 5,6+ full Exercise + classroom object

GK- Pgs- 15,16,17,19 (Animals sounds in matching form)

IT- ch-2 (Full ex) + Extra Que./Ans. From N.Book .


English- Do ten Pages in your handwriting. Make a picture dictionary of 25 action word, learn lesson 2 & 3 Reader and 1 to 4 of grammar.

E.v.s – Learn Lesson 3 to 6, Make a beautiful invitation card for your birthday , make a diet chart.

हिंदी- दस सुलेख लिखो, क्लस मैं सारा काम याद करो

Math’s – Learn & write tables 2 to 10. Do 20 sums Addition (2 digits) with carry, make a beautiful chart on descending order and shapes.

I.T- Write difference between main and computer in note book, draw 4 main parts of computer on a chart.

Art- Make a pen stand using waste material, make colorful pott using plastic glass.

Class – III

E.V.S – 1 Learn Lesson – 3to 7

- 2 Paste picture and write names of indoor and outdoor games, festival and national festival in a scrap books.

Math’s- 1 Learn Tables 2 to 20 and revise syllabus done so far

2 make a project using different shapes.

I.T- Collect picture of Hardware and software and write their uses in scrap book.


1 Learn the syllabus done so far.

2 Do practice of cursive handwriting (20 pgs)

3 Paste 5 cuttings from the English newspaper, Circle the proper

Noun and underline the common noun.


1 रंगोली पाठ-2 से 4 याद करो |

2.व्याकर्ण पाठ-2 से 4 याद करो |

3.२० सुलेख लिखो अलग कापी में

4.विभिन्न मातराओं का अभ्यास करते हुए एक चार्ट बनाऐ और मात्रा से संबंधित 4-4 शब्द लिखिए

G.K - Learn Page no – 12 to 20

ART- Complete art book pages 4 to 25.

Class- IV

English-1 Revise the syllabus do so far in the class.

2 Do fun corner & fun Task of ch -1 to 6 in gr. books.

3 Do pg. 49 to 52 in Gr. book

Hindi- 1. रंगोली (पाठ 2 से 4 तक), व्याकर्ण (पाठ 2 से 5 तक) याद कीजिये ,

-2.संध्या विषय पर एक चार्ट बनाये

3 प्रतिदिन समाचार- पत्र पढिये

4. 20 सुलेख अलग पुस्तिका में लिखिये

Maths.1. Do revision of ch. - 2 to 4

2. Do chapter test of ch-2 to 4.

3. Learn & write (5 times) tables 2 to 20 in PNB

4. Do practice of Roman numerals 1 to 40 PNB (2 times)

5. Do 20 Ques. Of multiplication and 20 Que. Of Division in PNB.

E.V.S - 1.Learn L -2 to 6

Project 1. Write the name of ten animals & their babies and paste their picture.

2. Paste the picture of National festival and learn & write the important dates of these festival.

3. Paste the picture of games we play outdoor and indoor. .

(Note – Paste project & evs in a scrab book.)

I.T - 1.find the abbreviation from L-2 and write their full form in N.B

2. Make a memory chart with their picture.

3. Learn l-12, 3 complete.

G.K- Learn pg. 14 to 25

IT-&craft- complete Art book kg. 4 to 25

Class V

G.k- Learn page 12 to 22

Science -1. Learn ch 2 and 3

2. Paste picture on the eating habits of different animals in your N.B

3. Tabulate Deficiency disease with cause symptoms and preventive measure in your Note book.

English- Revise syllabus done in the class

Do fun corner and fun task of ch1-6 (GR)

Do puzzle time pg.38-42 in Gr. Book.

SKT- Learn chapter 2,3,4,5

.write and learn key word (शब्दार्थ) in your N.B

संख्यावाचक शब्द (गिनती) 1 to 20 on the chart paper.

Learn शब्द रूप बालक and write in N.B

Learn and write धातु रूप (पट धातु) लट लकार और लृट लकार|

S.ST- 1 Learn lesson – 2, 3, 4,5

2 Read lesson – 6 to 9.

3- Collect the information from chapter 5 to 9 and paste them in a scrap book.

Hindi- 1. रंगोली (पाठ 2 से 5 तक) याद करो

2व्याकर्ण पाठ-2 से 4 याद करो |

3.प्रतिदिन समाचार- पत्र पढो .

* लिखो और याद करो परायवाची शब्द(पेड़ से पक्षी तक)page89

* विलोम शब्द (एकता सेपराचिन )page 92

* श्रुतिसम भिन्नार्थक शब्द(1 से 11) pages -95

* अनेअकार्थी शब्द( अर्थ से भाग तक) pages-99

अनेक शब्दो के लिए एक शब्द (जो कभी मरे– जिसका आकार हो) Pges- 103

Math’s- Do pages – 17, 24, 40 in extra note-book

Revise ch-3 for FA-2

I.T- Find out the abbreviations from ch-2 and write their full forms in class N.B

Make a chart of input / output and storage device and write their uses.

Learn l-1 2, 3 with exercise.

Class VI

English-. Revise syllabus done so far.

. learn and write Letter.

, Compile a pocket Dictionary.

G.K- Learn pg 13 to 20

Maths - . Do the examples of chapter done so far.

. Do Activities no.-7,8,13,15,16

. Revise the syllabus done so far.

SKT- . Learn ch- 2 to 5

. Write शबदरूप पुष्प/ learn

. Write /learn धातू रूप स्था तिष्ठ

.संखाय्वाचक शब्द (गिनती)1 to 50

SST- Draw a chart of “imp. Latitudes and Heat zone “pg 11

Draw a chart of “longitude” pag 12c

Draw a chart of “conventional symbols “ pg 26

Revise symbol done so far

I.T – make a table of M/S word and paste printout in N B

(project whale of pg 30 activity B)

Learn l-2 and 3 full.

Science: - 1.Learn syllabus done so far i.e ch-2 to ch-5

2. Solve assignment given in separate notebook

3. Prepare a project for science congress.

Hindi- 1. कक्षा में करवाया गया कार्य याद करो |

2.अपने सहपाठी को ग्रीष्मवकाश में साथ घुमने का निमंत्रण देते हुए लिखो |

विद्यालय मे शिक्षक के प्रति अभद्र व्यवहार के लिए प्रधानाचर्या को प्रार्थना पत्र लिखिए.

3 परोपकार और नैतिक शिक्षा , आज के ज़रूरत ; विषय परअनुछेद लिखो Art: - Designed 3 pubbles with different ideas.

Class VII

English – 1. Learn the syllabus done so far.

2. Learn and write personal letters(Chapter-27) in fair notebook.

3. Learn and write common irregular verbs in fair notebook (Page 187,188).

HINDI: -1. कृषण को गिरधर क्यों खा जाता है?इसके पीछे कोण -सी कथा है, पता करके लिखिये(SEPARATE N.B)

2.कक्षा मे करवाया गया सारा काम याद करो |

3.15 अगस्त से संबन्धित कोई एक कविता लिखिये (On a4 size sheet)

MATH: -Revise all the syllabus done in class.

2. Learn Tables (12 to 25)

3. Make a chart on

Kind of fractions (Roll no 1 to 22)

Multiplication of integers (Roll no.23 to 44)

SCIENCE: -1. Learn syllabus done so far.

2. Solve assignments given (in separate N.B)

3. prepare a project for science congress.

SST-:1. Learn the syllabus done so for

2. find out internals from ch. -2,3 of(geography)

(At least15 from each)

3. make a collage on stay fit, stay healthy.

Sanskrit-1. Learn ch. 2, 3, 4 with full exercise.

I.T-1 Make any bill in excel with all formatting

& calculating feature and paste print out.

In your fair notebook.

2. Learn L-2,3,4 with exercise

3. Make a power point presentation on fire crackers.

* Injuries in fire crackers.

*Safety tips

*Risk involve in playing with fire crackers.

*Effects on Environment.

*Exercising restraint in their use

G.K- learn the syllabus done so far.

Art:- Design one project with paper quilling

For Example: 1 pencil stand

2. Butterfly on A 4 size paper.

Class VIII

I.T - make a PowerPoint presentation on fire crackers in C-D minimum slides-15)

(i) injuries in fire crackers

(ii)Safety tips

(iii)Exercising restraint in their use.

(iv)Risk involved in playing with fire crackers.

(v)Effect on environment

* make a chart in Excel having all chart elements and show data table below the chart paste the printout in their note book

*Learn chapter- 2 and 3

Hindi- write 5 दोहे of kabir on A4 sheet and

निम्बंद- *विगयान वरदान या अभिशाप

*विध्यार्थी जीवन in separate Note book

* कक्षा में किया गया कार्य याद कीजिये


1 Revise chapter 3, 2,and 5

2. Do activity 8-13 in Practical file.

S.SC- Learn All chapter done in class and find out 15 internal question from each chapter of History and geography and 10 question from civics.

Roll no (1-20)- Make chart on fundamental rights.

Roll no (21-42) make chart on soil profile.

English – 1 Learn the syllabus done so far.

2 Learn & write ch-34 and 35

3 Make a collage on social issue.

G.K – Do and revise pages 21 to 36

SKT- Learn all chapters done in Note book

Ch-2,3 and 4 + ex.

Write शब्दरूप- असमद यूस्मद (in fair note Book)

Write धातुरूप- खाद(चारो लकार)

संख्यावाचक शब्द- 1 to 100

Arts- Make a stool by using plastic bottles

Science -1 Solve out assignments given from chapter -2 To 4.

2 find index card of 5 metals and non- metal showing their properties.

3 Learn all the syllabus done in the class

4 Make a unit of things which can be recycle and revise

Music- *Prepare music Note book

*Write prayers of Taal कहरवा

*Chart of musical instrument or paste picture of musical instruments and vocalist & instruments on scrap book.



  • make project file on- beti bachao, betipadhao

  • revise is-1,2,3,4,9,11क्षतिज़& ch-2,3(व्याकरण)

  • Find out internal ques. of each chapter.

  • Read Hindi newspaper daily and write difficult words/meaning

  • Write essay- 25,26,33(Boys)

  • 31,34,41(girl)

  • Write letters- 17, 25 of ex.

  • Do practice of report writing


(i) Read units 1,2 and 3 of MCB

(ii) Project work- save mother earth

-Dr APJ Abdul kalam on his mission for India.

(iii) do in separate notebook-

(a)5 notice b)5 messages c) 5 diary entries

D)5 article writings e) 5 story writings f) 5 error.

g) 5 missions h) 5 Jumbled entrées i) 5 one word fill ups,

j)2 unseen passages

k) Read, learn and revise literature

Fiction 1 and 2, poems- 1,2,3,4, Drama-1


i) do unsolved ques. of any supplementary book of (ch.-1,2 & 3in separate note book-

ii) Do lab activates no-2, 3,5,7,8,10,11,17 & 18

iii) project – make a reassured puzzle (9x9) using mathematical term

  • Topic – “Mathematics is everywhere “

I.T- (i) Revise the work done in class

(ii)- Make a project report on working technology, Nature types or data handled, available variant, etc, of various input, output and storage devices.

(iii)- collect picture of different- peripheral devices and paste them in file among the categories- input/output and storage devices.

(iv)- make a PowerPoint presentation on topic – “ Fireworks”


i- Learn ch-1 (His, geo, eco, lives) and ch-2 ( eco)

ii- find out 15 internal ques. From each chapter

iii- project topics- Political symbols (His)

Physical Division. Of India(Geo)


i)- Biology make a collage on poultry birds and fishes

- Revise the work done in class

- Collect samples of various kharif and Rabi crops.

ii) physics- Revise ch-1

  • Do 20 numerical from ch-1

iii) chemistry- write all the activities of NCERT ch-1 on A-Y signal sheet with diagram.

  • Revise all the work done in class.



*Project work

* Read unit- 1,2,3 {Main course Book}

*Topics – 1} fundamental of laughter Yoga

- 2} Educating the girl child or Right to Education

. Literature- Read , learn and Revise Fiction -1,2,3 Poem -1,2,3 and Drama-1

  • Do the Following work in a separate N.B :-

5 Notes, 5 Message , 5 Diary – entries, 5 Stories, 5 Articles , 5 Errors, 5 omission, 5 Jumbled- up , 5 one- word fill- ups, 2 unseen passages


.Revise ch-1,5,10,11,12,13 ( Shiitiz)

.Revise ch-1,3 ( grammar)

.Find out internal question / Answers of Shitiz)

.Write Essay no. 6,8,9

.Write letter No 3,9, of Exercise

.Do practice of Sar- Lekhan

Daily read Hindi Newspaper and write meaning of difficult words in a separate notebook

Prepare a project file on topic – दिवयांग-परेनासत्रोत”


. Do unsolved question of ch-1,2,3 from supplementary

Do lab activates 1,2,3,5,6,7 in lab manual ( prima)

iii> Prepare project on history of mathematical {Any 3}

Science -:
physics – if extra numerical of combination of R From Refrence books.

Iii<project on symbols of electrical combination , contribution of scientific on A4 sheet.


Draw diagram of digestive system , Respiratory system on A4 size sheet.

. Learn FA-2 syllabus.


learn chapter -1 and find various types of chemical reaction taking place in our daily life and make a collage.


  • Make a project Report on forms of power sharing (Take report from newspaper)

  • Revise ch-2 [Geo], ch-1 [civics], ch-8 [History]

  • In a seprate Note book , write 15 question ( 1 marks) each from ch-2 [Geo], ch-1 [civics], ch-8 [ His]


.DO project works from exercise of ch-1,2[ 1 project from each chapter] and Power point presentation on fire work with mix 15 to 20 slides.

. Revise ch-1, 2

Class – Xi A+ B

Chemistry- Prepare Chapter 1,2,3 and 14

Prepare Model of Periodic Table.

Physics- Prepare chapter 1 and 2

Prepare a project on topics related to

  • relation of physics with other branches.

  • Contribution of scientist in physics

  • Latest developments in physics or any other topic of your choice


  • Prepare one project on any topic related to biology

  • Revise the syllabus done so far .

Physcial Education- Prepare choice Game.

Music- i> Revise the syllabus done so far

Ii> Make two charts of great musicians and instrument along with their pictures.

Fine Arts- i> Prepare ten still life.

ii> Prepare ten nature study

iii>Prepare ten sketches of Human body proportion

Math- Do practice of chapter -3 and 5 including extra questions in a separate


  • 4 Articles &speech writing .

  • 5 Notices.

  • 4 Letters to editors.

  • Revise.

Commerce XI(c)


(i) revise chapter accounting Eq. journal entry.

(ii) So additional Q/A of Accounting Eq.- and books of original entry (Journal)

i> Revise chapter 1 and 2

ii> Do assignments of chapter 1 and 2 given in class


  • Learn the syllabus done so far

ii> Write and learn 20 shorts answer type question along with their answer in fair Notebook.

Class XII


Read Novel – The invisible man

Flamingo- Read chapter – 1 to 5

Vistas- Read chapter – 1 to 5

Write Down:-

2 article , 2 Notice , 2 Report, 2 advertisements, 2 application, 2 Report.


Project – on any Bio topic

Revise the syllabus done so far.


Ch-1, 2 [ 50 numerical ]

Project – on any chemistry topic


Do practise of ch-2, 3,4 in a notebook.

(100 question of each)

Fire Arts

10- Still life

10- Nature study

10-Sketches of human trends figure.

  • Revise indian modern trends of art.


  • Learn syllabus done so far.

  • Make 2 charts on great musician and instrument along with their picture.


Revise unit 1-2

Prepare a project report on topic given in file or any other topics of your choice related to physics.

P.Edu. Unit 1,2

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