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Education is one of the most vital nation building activities. We cannot conceive of competition with the developed nations until and unless we impart quality education to our students. Model School, Sec-4 is fast becoming a prestigious and glorious institution of being committed of cultivation of mind, body and spirit that helps the students to become disciplined, balanced, competent and above all curious.

In the present day world of neck to neck competition students face tremendous stress in achieving their targets. A much increasing need is being felt to find out the cause of anxiety and mental pressure that our young generation is undergoing in the present day world. Excessive parental pressure is being put on the tender personalities to attain in academics irrespective of whether they aspire for that or not. This school is fulfilling all such promises like a true beacon or torch bearer of knowledge.

The journey of infinite miles has started --------with its valleys of smiles, peaks of achievements, plains of success and small puddles of disappointments--------- each is a celebration for us ----for each is a learning experience!!!

I extend my heartfelt wishes and blessings to students:

Happiness keeps you sweet,
Trials make you strong,
Sorrows keep you human,
Failure makes you humble,
Success keep you glowing
God keeps you going.

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